QShave Orange Series 3 Layer USA Blade Manual Razor Mens Shaving Razor with 6 Cartridges X3 Blade RQ751

Sale price$29.50


Features and specifications:

- 3-blade shaving razor
- Vitamin E & Aloe lubricating strip reduces inflammation
- High performance, affordable cost

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Elegant packaging


Ergonomic, no-slip handle

Eye-catching blue color


Vitamin E and aloe lubricating strip reduces inflammation



Changing blades made easy


Durable stainless steel blades


3-blade razor


Replacement blades


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Brand Name: QSHAVE
Quantity: 1 Razor Plus 6 Cartridges
Model Number: RQ751
Size: Blade: 4.3cm x 3cm x 1cm (approx)
Item Type: Razor Blade
Material: USA Stainless Steel Blade
Razor Series: QSHAVE Orange
Blade Layer: 3 Layer

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